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    英文名称: minecraft
    中文名称: 我的世界
    作品来源: 转载
    下载地址: https://下次更新.com
    应用介绍: 我的世界1.17
    QQ交流群: 没有
    更新日期: 2021-07-07


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    本帖最后由 cheng大哥 于 2021-7-11 09:52 编辑

    Minecraft Java版是指Windows、Mac OS与Linux平台上,使用Java语言开发的Minecraft版本。
    |正式版是Minecraft Java版经过一段时间的预览版测试后得到的稳定版本,也是众多材质、Mod与服务器插件会逐渐跟进的版本。官方启动器也会第一时间进行推送。

    Minecraft Java Edition 1.17.1
    Minecraft Java 版 1.17.1

    Minecraft Java 1.17.1 Released
    Minecraft Java 1.17.1 发布

    We’re now releasing Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17.1. This release changes some behaviours of the features added in Caves & Cliffs: Part I, and it also fixes a few bugs and critical issues.
    我们现在发布 Java 版 1.17.1。本次更新修改了一些在洞穴与山崖更新第一部分中引入的特性,并且修复了一些漏洞和重大的问题。

    Changes in 1.17.1
    1.17.1 的修改内容

    Blue axolotls can now only be obtained through breeding
    Non-screaming goats now have a rare chance to produce a screaming goat when bred
    Status effects on goats now also apply when the goat is jumping or ramming
    Raised the drop rate for copper ingots from Drowned to 11% + 2% per level of looting
    将溺尸掉落铜锭的几率提升为 11%+2%每等级抢夺
    Powder snow now fills cauldrons 2 times faster than before (still pretty slowly, though!)
    Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Husks and Drowned will no longer pick up glow ink sacs
    Technical Changes in 1.17.1
    1.17.1 的技术性修改

    Deaths of named mobs are now logged
    In case of DNS-based redirection, the client will send the hostname actually used to connect (this restores the pre-1.17 behaviour)
    Fixed bugs in 1.17.1
    1.17.1 修复的漏洞
    SPX 大数据区块链深度学习人工智能响应式自动翻译™ 由以下志愿者提供支持:AzureZeng、Dianliang233、ETStareak、Halcyon、Jaanai、Light Beacon、Lxazl5770、Ricolove、SPGoding、WuGuangYao、XiZhang233、ff98sha、lakejason0、xuan_su、zyjking
    MC-123654 - “Sun, moon, and/or clouds are not showing if render distance is below 4”
    MC-123654 - 渲染距离低于4时,太阳、月亮和云不会出现
    MC-131290 - “Enchantments are saved as shorts, but are loaded as and function with integer values”
    MC-131290 - 魔咒(附魔)的等级以短整型(Short)储存,但读取和实际代码运作都是整型(Integer)
    MC-156155 - Turkish lira sign (₺) appears as □ in the game
    MC-156155 - 土耳其里拉符号(₺)在游戏中显示为豆腐块
    MC-194736 - Duplicate text mapping for U+00B7
    MC-194736 - U+00B7存在重复映射
    MC-196999 - U+1FEC is wrong in Minecraft’s font
    MC-196999 - 游戏内的U+1FEC存在字体错误
    MC-213986 - Pistons and dispensers can be used to create ghost blocks using powder snow
    MC-213986 - 可通过发射器和活塞来利用细雪方块制造幽灵方块
    MC-219018 - Ghost items can be created using /item (server doesn’t update client inventory correctly)
    MC-219018 - /item命令可能会产生幽灵物品(服务器没有正确更新客户端物品栏)
    MC-219290 - Calcite is too quiet compared to other blocks
    MC-219290 - 方解石比其他方块发出的声音都要小
    MC-221656 - Creative mode obtained Bucket of Axolotl/Tropical Fish only spawns one kind axolotl/tropical fish
    MC-221656 - 在创造模式下获得的美西螈桶/热带鱼桶只会生成一种美西螈/热带鱼
    MC-222731 - Captured axolotl constantly tries to leave water
    MC-222731 - 被桶抓获过的美西螈放入水中后会不断试图离开水
    MC-223350 - Loaded chunks sometimes don’t render until the player moves their head slightly
    MC-223350 - 已加载的区块在玩家轻轻移动头部之前不进行渲染
    MC-223368 - Strength and weakness potions / custom attack damage attributes does not change damage from goats
    MC-223368 - 力量和虚弱药水/自定义的攻击伤害属性不会改变来自山羊的伤害
    MC-224894 - Light tickets are released too early
    MC-224894 - light ticket 释放过早
    MC-225816 - Hanging Roots appear large when an item entity
    MC-225816 - 以掉落的物品实体出现的垂根比一般物品大
    MC-226461 - Logs can be replaced with stone near lava pools
    MC-226461 - 岩浆池附近的树干会被替换成石头
    MC-226505 - Goat’s long jump is not affected by the jump boost effect
    MC-226505 - 山羊的长跳不受跳跃提升效果的影响
    MC-226512 - Goats do not use the damage of held items when ramming entities
    MC-226512 - 山羊在冲撞实体时不会使用所持物品的伤害
    MC-226926 - Emerald ore generates too often
    MC-226926 - 绿宝石矿石生成过于频繁
    MC-226948 - Withers are now affected by potion effects
    MC-226948 - 凋灵不受中毒效果影响
    MC-227387 - World gen datapacks will likely crash or softlock the game
    MC-227387 - 世界生成相关的数据包可能会使游戏崩溃/出现软锁
    MC-227435 - Lag when placing heads of non-existent players when on servers
    MC-227435 - 在服务器内放置不存在的玩家的玩家头颅时产生卡顿
    MC-227483 - root_system feature config’s codec uses a wrong field
    MC-227483 - root_system 地物配置的编解码器使用了错误的字段
    MC-227520 - Overworld Fossils always generate at bedrock level
    MC-227520 - 主世界的化石总是生成在基岩层
    MC-227557 - End portal texture appears stretched after world conversion
    MC-227557 - 末地传送门的材质在世界转换后出现拉伸
    MC-227618 - Small dripleaf is consumed without being placed when used on tall seagrass
    MC-227618 - 在高海草上使用小型垂滴叶,虽然会消耗物品但是不会放置下去
    MC-227651 - Group for lapis lazuli ore smelting and blasting recipes is misspelled
    MC-227651 - 青金石矿石的烧炼冶炼配方组中,青金石原文的拼写有误
    MC-227821 - Client crash when trying to create/edit realm immediately after deleting previous one
    MC-227821 - 当尝试删除之前的 Realm 后立即创建或编辑 Realm 会使客户端崩溃
    MC-227891 - Ender pearls despawn when player logs out of a server
    MC-227891 - 玩家退出服务器会导致末影珍珠消失
    MC-228219 - Thrown ender pearls disappear upon entering the exit end portal
    MC-228219 - 进入返回传送门时扔出去的末影珍珠会消失
    MC-228343 - java.lang.NullPointerException when random_selector default feature isn’t found
    MC-228343 - 当 random_selector 的默认地物没能被找到时出现 java.lang.NullPointerException 问题
    MC-228430 - “Very long loading pause while booting the game (”“Failed to add PDH Counter”", caused by oshi)"
    MC-228430 - 游戏启动的加载时间过长(“ Failed to add PDH Counter ”,由oshi引起)
    MC-228599 - Attempting to walk through flowing water constantly switches the player from swimming into normal mode
    MC-228599 - 尝试穿过流动的水会使玩家不断地从游泳模式切换到普通的行走模式
    MC-228802 - “Chunks not loading on a server / Cannot invoke ““cmq.a(int, int, int)”” because ““☃”” is null”
    MC-228802 - 服务器上区块无法加载 / Cannot invoke “ cmq.a(int,int,int)” because “☃” is null
    MC-228828 - “Specifying the --server parameter when starting the game, causes the game to crash”
    MC-228828 - 启动游戏时指定--server参数会导致游戏崩溃
    MC-228858 - Axolotls despawning though named and on leashes.
    MC-228858 - 被命名或被拴绳拴起的美西螈会消失
    MC-229169 - Piglins can no longer hear players breaking protected blocks through walls
    MC-229169 - 猪灵不再能隔墙听见玩家破坏被保护的方块的声音
    MC-229191 - Diamond ore distribution changed between 1.16.5 and 1.17
    MC-229191 - 1.16.5和1.17钻石矿石的分布发生了变化
    MC-229246 - Piglins and piglin brutes no longer call other piglins after attacking one of them behind walls
    MC-229246 - 在墙后攻击猪灵或猪灵蛮兵不会使其他猪灵或猪灵蛮兵攻击玩家
    MC-229299 - Blue axolotls can spawn naturally
    MC-229299 - 蓝色美西螈可自然生成,与官方发布的消息不符
    MC-229441 - You can steal the item a villager is holding for trade by killing it
    MC-229441 - 杀死村民可以偷取手中展示的交易物品
    MC-229614 - Wandering Trader obtained tropical fish are only white kob
    MC-229614 - 从流浪商人处获得的热带鱼桶只能生成白色品种
    MC-230716 - “”“death.attack.dryout”" and ““death.attack.dryout.player”” display raw translation strings (are untranslated)"
    MC-230716 - “ death.attack.dryout ”和“ death.attack.dryout.player ”字符串未翻译



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